Rock art

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Without any doubt, it is a great responsibility the protection and conservation for the future of Prehistoric Art, this facet of Humanity as attractive as needed efforts to reveal all its meanings.

Therefore, it has won recognition by UNESCO of the great values of these artistic manifestations of the past, from a double sense: as examples of human creativity of prehistoric societies and as unique documents on lifestyles and beliefs. In short, an exciting artistic expressions of beauty and plasticity.

Em be a formality for protection and conservation for further. Responsibility always and in any case, anordna be shared not only by all public authorities, but added caused by nationality in general. It is therefore necessary to define lines of action that allow (both physically what legal), conservation, study and dissemination, while reussi a protection that

Thus, the historical heritage will become a strategic resource for sustainable development, our collective basis and reference for social cohesion identity. And, at this point, it is not possible to indicate completion of a process of recognition as a World Heritage Site if roughage one essential strategy valuation and sustainable social use of assets.