Rock Art in Aitana

figura_aitana_int The study and discovery, in 1980, of new deposits, has made this area one of the richest in artistic manifestations of rock art and has allowed us to date and reflect the evolution of Valencian cave art as a whole, with samples of Paleolithic art, linear geometric, Levantine, macroschematic and schematic. The discoveries are located in the regions of AlcoiĆ , El Comtat, Marina Alta and Marina Baixa. antropoformas, zoomorphic and geometric representations, located in rock shelters, child study by researchers with the blade to clarify the many doubts that still raises the art of our earliest ancestors.

Located on the Alicante mountains, Aitana is known as land of Muslims, being reconquered in times of Jaime I. But its origin does not go back to these dates but lies much further in time, a fact that is demonstrated by demonstrations rock art are found in the area. Including important examples of Levantine art declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco on 5 December 1998.




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